Raspberry pi Basics

Setup NOOBS on Raspberry pi


Setup NOOBS OS on Raspberry pi 

To get started with Raspberry Pi you need an operating system which can be downloaded from Downloads section of Raspberry Pi official website or follow the link given below


All the supporting OS for the RASPBEERY PI are listed, where you will find official and third party OS.  You can download and install any OS on Pi which is listed there.

Here, we are going to download official supported Operating System for Raspberry Pi, which is “Raspbian”. But, for beginner it is recommended to go for NOOBS (New Out Of the Box Software) which is an easy operating system install manager for the Raspberry Pi.


1.Getting OS
  • Using a computer with an SD card reader, visit the Downloads page.
  • Click on the Download ZIP button under ‘NOOBS (offline and network install)’, and select a folder to save it to.
  • Extract the files from the zip.
2. Format your SD card

We recommend a minimum 8-GB class 4 SD card(16-GB Class 4/10 preferable). It is best to format your SD card before copying the NOOBS files onto it. To do this:

Recommended Way

  1. Visit the SD Association’s website and download SD Formatter 4.0 for either Windows or Mac.
  2. Follow the instructions to install the software.
  3. Insert your SD card into the computer or laptop’s SD card reader and make a note of the drive letter allocated to it, e.g. F:/
  4. In SD Formatter, select the drive letter for your SD card and format it.

Simple Way

3. Drag and drop NOOBS files
  1. Once your SD card has been formatted, drag all the files in the extracted NOOBS folder and drop them onto the SD card drive.
  2. The necessary files will then be transferred to your SD card.
  3. When this process has finished, safely remove the SD card and insert it into your Raspberry PI


First Boot
    1. Plug in your keyboard, mouse and monitor cables.
    2. Now plug in the USB power cable to your Pi so a red led will glow which indicates the power.
    3. Your Raspberry Pi will boot, and a window will appear with a list of different operating systems that you can install.
    4. Raspbian is an Debian based OS  created for  Pi hardware. It is a user friendly OS, it comes with over 36,000 packages, pre-compiled and arranged in a suitable manner for easy installation on your Raspberry Pi hardware. So we recommend that you use Raspbian – tick the box next to Raspbian and click on install.

Raspbian will then run through its installation process. It can take around 15-30 minutes or even more for first boot up.

When the install process has completed, the system will reboot and you are ready to go for your credit size computer.

Make your projects , from here on !


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