NodeMCU Pinout

NodeMCU Pinout ESP8266

NodeMCU ESP8266 based boards were first introduced with LUA scripting language for programming but since Arduino IDE is most popular among electronic hobbyist for programming the development boards, so this leads to the esp8266 package that needs to be added to Arduino IDE for programming ESP based boards. Since the NodeMCU ESP8266 boards were designed for a different architecture but later on implemented for Arduino IDE, as a result, we needed GPIO pin mapping of NodeMCU pinout that is marked on the board from D0-D8 but while in coding we use the mapped GPIO pin no. so that (note that in latest IDE we can directly write the pins as D0, D1 or so.)

Here is the NodMCU Pinout of the Pins mapped with there corresponding values of GPIO no. For example – D7 pin mapped to GPIO pin 13. so, in coding, we need to declare the D7 as pin 13.

nodemcu pinout

Now, you have the in-depth knowledge on NodeMCU pinout and how to make the best use of it while coding the esp board.

Here is the list of the projects and articles that you need to go for developing a good skill on ESP8266 based projects.

  • Humidity and temperature monitoring: – In this project DHT-11 sensor is Used to analyze humidity and temperature graphically on ThingSpeak with Arduino MCU and ESP8266 Wi-Fi module.
  • Wi-Fi controlled robot: – In this project, the robot is controlled using NodeMCU.
  • IoT project: – with NodeMUC IoT project are easier to perform.
  • Temperature logging system: – IoT based this project which collects, store, analyze, visualize and Response on the data received from sensors.
  • M2M using ESP8266: – Smart solution for connection of two development board uses the NodeMCU.
  • Geolocation using ESP8266
  • ESPSMS | Make your personal assistant
  • Pressure Sensors on Railway Tracks
  • Air Pollution Meter

NodeMCU Crash course for Beginners

Wifi Home-automation using NodeMCU

IOT based Home-automation using Blynk


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