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Simple Line Follower

Line Follower Robots (LFR) are one the most common and yet interesting Arduino project to work on.

It has wide application in the field of specified path follower in Industries and in big warehouses.

It is an ideal project for school and college students as most of science techfeast’s events at school and college level challenges you to make very similar or I say, a derived form of LFR.

For, this project we will be using Arduino as the brain of our bot and IR Sensor pair as the observer that sense the colour of the line and gives the info to the Arduino for controlling the motor and  make the bot to follow the line. There are basically two types of line follower i.e. Black Line Follower (that follows black line) and White Line Follower( that follows white line ), but the basic principle remains the same for both of them.

According to the no. of IR sensors used we can have different types of LFR according. Here in this tutorial we will be using 2 IR Sensor but the same project can be done using 3, 5, 8, or even more no. of sensor. Increasing the no. of sensor make the path following smoother and at the same time increases the complexity of coding.

Working Principle:

 Components Required:

  • Arduino Uno/Nano/Mega (Amazon/Ebay/Flipkart/AliExpress)
  • IR Sensor (Amazon/Ebay/Flipkart/AliExpress)
  • Jumper Wires (Amazon/Ebay/Flipkart/AliExpress)
  • Motor Driver (Amazon/Ebay/Flipkart/AliExpress)
  • BO Motors    (Amazon/Ebay/Flipkart/AliExpress)
  • Chassis+Wheels
  • 9V Battery

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Circuit / Schematics:


Code Section:








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