About us

Roboshala is an education platform where we believe ‘Sharing is Caring’ and it a community where we showcase you the best easy to follow tutorial on Engineering projects,Electronics,Robotics , DIY stuffs, Arduino projects,Raspberry pi and many more such things that can bring out the best maker within you and help in making the World little more smarter and techy.

You can join our team if you have the same vision that we guys follow- “Sharing is Caring”.

Here are the ways in which you can help us to grow and support this website:

  • Share this site among your friends. Just you need to do one thing dedicate a post on any of these social platforms Facebook,Instagram,Twitter, Instructable, Whatsapp message or even email you closest friend.
  • Since, we are just growing and sometimes face issues regarding the malfunction of code or connections , so you can help us to make the content more accurate for that drop us a email.
  • Become a Patreon and help us Financially.

              Every penny will count to showcase the best contents for you !          

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